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Arizona Wine Country

Arizona entered the wine business back in the 1970s and created a wine culture today that honors the agricultural bounty of the state’s high deserts and the dedication of the people who tend the vines at more than 30 wineries in Arizona.

3 shorts films to discover Arizona Wine Country

Arizona Wine Country

Release: 2023
Duration: 10 mins
Director: David Wallace

Explorers. Pioneers. Dreamers. Farmers. Foodies. The winegrowers and winemakers forging the way in Arizona’s esteemed wine country both follow centuries-old traditions and buck convention every chance they get. That’s what makes Arizona wine so special. Here, a sneak peek at wine in the Grand Canyon State, from its birth in the 1970s to the people behind your favorite wines

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Meet The Maker: Eric Glomski of Page Springs Cellars

Release: 2023
Duration: 6 mins
Director: Jack Chapman

Being a winegrower is more than just an occupation for Page Springs Cellars owner Eric Glomski. It’s a lifestyle, a craft, a passion and an ethos. For Glomski, cultivating the vines that bear fruit to some of Arizona’s most notable wines offers a way to express the nature of the land he calls home.

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Arizona Wines: The Edge of What’s Possible

Release: 2022
Duration: 8 mins

When thinking of premiere wine grape-growing regions around the world, Arizona rarely comes to mind. That’s because grape farming in Arizona sits right on the edge of what’s possible with viticulture. There are heat waves, vine-cracking winter frosts, and most extreme of all: monsoons during the harvest season that can transform the chemistry of wine grapes overnight. But Arizona winemakers are resilient, and the state’s wine industry is booming. There’s a unique terroir you can taste, with a palate unlike any other.

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Producer: Bryan Nelson
Editor: Robert Lindberg
Videographers: Robert Lindberg, Nate Huffman


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