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Blend – Master of Wine

Blend tells the odyssey of four Swiss women trying to break into the most secretive wine club on the planet! Months after months, Johanna, Seyma, Amanda and Miriam will endeavor to obtain the ultimate two-letter accolade: MW. Master of Wine.

Running time: 65 mins
Release: 2023

Blend Film synopsis:
In Switzerland, Johanna, Miriam, Seyma and Amanda work in the wine industry from estate to retail. They are the best at what they do but they won’t stop there. Eager to learn and to be acknowledged, they took on the hardest challenge of a lifetime: becoming a Master of Wine!
This exam has the highest standards in the wine industry. Most students take a decade to complete the requirements. A marathon-like effort requiring strength of will, dedication and renunciation. During the toughest year of the adventure, this documentary follows our four protagonists preparing and taking on the blind tasting exam.
Their quest for the legitimacy they already deserve in the Swiss and global wine business will lead them through sacrifices and all-nighters while balancing professional and personal life.
The Master of Wine examination is the most challenging in the wine world. Most candidates take almost ten years to complete the course. A real marathon that requires iron will, perseverance and many sacrifices.
This year, four swiss women in their thirties are in the race to win their place in the world’s most exclusive wine club! These young women from all over Switzerland were not, at first sight, destined to meet. However, the Master of Wine competition brought them together with the same objective. Over the months, JOHANNA, SEYMA, AMANDA and MIRIAM will stick together to test, taste and study day and night, juggling their professional and personal lives. They will help each other and grow together in this epic. This is a unique opportunity to follow these young, talented and ambitious protagonists, driven by their passion and who will do everything in their power to reach the consecration that this exceptional competition represents. If wine was once the preserve of men, it is no longer the case today.
There are more and more women in all areas of the business, from winemakers to sommeliers to oenologists. Are we witnessing a real upheaval in the industry? The fact remains that in the small sample that constitutes our panel of protagonists, one strong observation stands out: the success of women depends on hard and methodical work as well as on a spirit of female mutual aid.
But the quest for legitimacy is not yet entirely won…

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Director: Malika Pellicioli

Amanda Wassmer-Bulgin
Johanna Dayer
Seyma Bas
Miriam Lemke

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