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Cement Suitcase

Cement Suitcase is a comedy about the best wine salesman in the Yakima Valley.

Runtime: 91 mins
Released: 2013

Cement Suitcase film Synopsis:
One of those quirky quarter-life, seize the day comedies, Cement Suitcase is unique in that it takes us out of California wine country (a Hollywood favorite, for good reason of course) and into Yakima Valley, Washington.
Franklin has what many would consider a dream job, working in a winery tasting room. But Franklin takes no joy in his job, not to mention: he’s about to lose his house and his girlfriend is cheating on him.
He’s headed for a breakdown, and only two people can help him. One just broke into his house. The other is having an affair with his girlfriend.
This offbeat comedy was filmed on location in the rural wine country of Washington state, and has won several festival awards for its charming take on a man who decides that it’s time to let go of some baggage.

Watch the Trailer:

Film Director: J. Rick Castaneda

J. Rick Castaneda
Dwayne Bartholomew
Kristina Guerrero
Nathan Sapsford
Shawn Parsons

Wine comedy film Cement Suitcase

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