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Meet Ralph and Pat, two regular guys wondering about all the brouhaha over wine. They live in the middle of the Niagara Wine Region and decide to explore its bountiful beauty, learning as they go from the experts.

CorkScrewedTV is a fun, light-hearted approach to learning about wine. Each 22-minute episode takes the viewer on a visually stunning tour of some of Niagara’s most beautiful wineries. Abandoning all ego, our hosts never back down from asking even the most basic of questions.

Episode 1: Good Franc, 22 mins
A program at St. Catharines’ Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) at Brock University promises to answer all of Ralph’s and Pat’s questions and more! CCOVI promises to walk Ralph and Pat through the basics while they explore the over 90 wineries in the Niagara Region alone. Starting at The Good Earth Food & Wine Co. in the Lincoln-Lakeshore sub-Appalachian, the duo meets vibrant and engaging Nicolette Novak who introduces them to the ‘three date’ sip test, Cabernet Franc, the mystery of Rosé and ultimately, the mouthwatering Good Earth Burger.

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Episode 2: Pinot Envy, 22 mins
Feeling a little more comfortable in their own wineskins, Pat and Ralph head to another winery. Cue the Segways, hexagonal buildings, gravity flow systems, a ‘wacky’ owner, Pinot Noirs and some fish.

Upon entering a large set of Jurassic Park doors, Ralph and Pat are met by Ed Madronich, the passionate owner of Flat Rock Cellars. Ed showcases his amazing view of Toronto across Lake Ontario while teaching the boys about the Niagara escarpment’s unique geology and the region’s perfect climate for growing grapes. The trio explores Pinot Noir and does the unthinkable—pairs it with fish!

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Episode 3: Everything Happens For A Riesling, 22 mins
Ralph and Pat ride the Magic Wine Bus to Featherstone, meet a raptor, talk about lambs, and learn about Riesling.

The Town of Lincoln’s favourite farmhouse is actually a local favourite—Featherstone Estate Winery. Visually quaint and homey, it actually houses two trailblazers and one raptor. David Johnson and Louise Engel are perfect hosts for Ralph and Pat as they teach them about the ‘birds and the lambs’- utilizing animals in the farming process. Louise hits the vineyard and showcases the farm’s Riesling grapes while David quenches the guys’ thirst for knowledge (and wine), capping it all off with their brick pizza oven!

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Episode 4: Baco to the Future, 22 mins
Ralph and Pat take another ride on the Magic Winery Bus; look for Henry but find Paul, Matt and Dan of Pelham; and help them start bringin’ Baco back!

Arriving in style on the Magic Winery Bus, Ralph and Pat are witness to a winery with roots dating back to the late 1700s. Steeped history, Henry of Pelham Estate Winery is owned and operated by three brothers, descendants of the original farm owner, Henry of Pelham. Paul, Matt and Dan take the guys on a tour of the property explaining their family history, the farm and award-winning Baco Noir, which they pair beautifully with flank steak.

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Stars: Patrick Gagliardi & Ralph deGroot

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