Wine Documentary

La Uva

The film revolves around three Mexican winemakers who migrated to the United States in their early days and become prominent in the wine industry despite their simple start.

Running time: 91 mins
Release: 2019

Film synopsis:
La Uva tells the story of Rolando Herrera, the Ceja Family and Bulmaro Montes, all Latino winemakers in Napa Valley, CA. This feature length documentary invites the audience to live the long and winding road, and the hard day’s nights it took our characters to become successful entrepreneurs and recognized enologists.

From their humble beginnings as immigrant laborers working the grape harvests in California, to their now formidable positions as wine makers and wine consultants, they are witnesses to the new era of the American dream. 
Journey from their homes in Mexico, to immigrants working the fields of Napa, to success in the highly competitive industry of wine making. It is not just the story of immigrants or wine makers, it is a story of the pursuit of a dream.

Watch the Trailer:

Director: Adam Flaa

Rolando Herrera,
Blumaro Montes,
Amelia Morán Ceja,
Pedro Ceja,
Armando Ceja


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