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Pre-British – The wine of Marsala beyond Marsala

Four winemakers return to the origins of the Marsala wine in a journey that unites personal memories, the desire to express oneself and the future of a territory.

Running time: 52 mins
Release: 2022

Film synopsis:
The story At the end of the 18th Century the English trader John Woodhouse created Marsala after having tasted the local ancestral wine, the perpetuo, which was made with only the best grapes and aged in wooden casks. Once forgotten in the past, the perpetuo becomes the starting point for the journey of four winemakers, where past and personal memories encounter innovation.
Following in the footsteps of the pioneer Marco De Bartoli, Vincenzo Angileri, Pierpaolo Badalucco and Nino Barraco propose new wines from ancient memories. The Pre-British wines are often defined rare and unobtainable; a definition in constant evolution.
This film is a voyage to the western part of Sicily, from wooden casks handed down from father to son, grapes harvested a few steps from the sea, and winemakers that reveal: “our real treasure is the wind”.

Watch the Trailer:

Director: Andrea Mignòlo
Vincenzo Angileri,
Pierpaolo Badalucco,
Nino Barraco,
Sebastiano De Bartoli

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