Wine Series

The Vineyard Secrets – Gran Reserva

History that revolves around three families of Riojan winemakers: The Cortazar, The Reverte and The Miranda.

TV Series (2010-2013). 3 Seasons. 42 Episodes.

« The Vineyard Secrets » is a TV series set in the 60’s. Like the region in which is takes place-Spain’s Rioja- the show revolves entirely around wine. The Cortázar and Reverte vineyards have partnered up to make a name for themselves in the Miranda Vineyards-dominated wine industry. The impossible romance between the Cortázar family`s only daughter and the heir to the Miranda empire will only give both families more cause for confrontation. Intrigue will come to the town of Lasiesta when a horrible crime implicates the main characters. The winery families will find themselves immersed in an all-out, unscrupulous battle for control of the vineyards.

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Created by Ramón Campos & Gema R. Neira

Emilio Gutiérrez
Ángela Molina
Paula Echevarría
Tristán Ulloa
Aitor Luna
Francesc Garrido
Ana Risueño
Gloria Muñoz
Belén Fabra
Alejandra Lorente
Armando del Río
Ledicia Sola
Ángela Cremonte
Lucía Gil
Ricard Sales
Carlos Álvarez-Novoa
Luisa Martín

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