Wine Series

The Wine Guys – Grape Escapes

This half-hour documentary series takes us on unique cultural adventures exploring wine, travel, cuisine, and family traditions, resulting in a business deal each and every episode.

Runtime episode (6): 25 mins
Released: 2017

Wine importers and good friends, Michael, Chuck and Charlie are on a quest to find the world’s next best wine. Their mission is to sample it, strike a bargain with the vintner, and bring it back home to North America ~ all while enjoying fantastic local cuisine, and the delights of exotic vineyards around the world.

Sounds like a tough job, but these guys make it look easy. Most of the time. Charlie, a self-professed “wine soldier” is a world-class sommelier with a larger-than-life personality. Chuck is a charming, canny negotiator whose talents are boundless, whether tracking down the best Barolo or figuring out the Sat-Nav. And Michael takes care of the business at home, leaving the cut and thrust of it to Charlie and Chuck.
The three vino amigos are also canny entrepreneurs, the best in their field. Like all good hunters, they can sense a classic vintage from miles away. Nothing will prevent them from bringing down their quarry and the results are often hilarious and always delicious.

This new series is not just for aficionados. It’s also a fun excursion into the world of luxury wine for the rest who may not know a Sancerre from a Syrah. 
In each episode, our dynamic hosts take us on a travel adventure into the transactional world of wine importing, exploring lush wine regions rich with history and the people who call it home.

Watch the Trailer:

Director:  Leslie D. Bland

Charlie Arturaola
Michael Podbere
Chuck Katan


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