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Vintage by Villa Maria

A uniquely Kiwi story capturing the incredible highs and heartbreaking lows of making world-class wine in New Zealand.

Released: 2020
Runtime: 69 mins

Film Synopsis:
Vintage by Villa Maria is a feature-length documentary that follows Nick Picone (Group Chief Winemaker), Stu Dudley (Marlborough Viticulturist), Ollie Powrie (Chief Viticulturist) and Jess Marston (Harvest Intern) who is experiencing her first vintage. 
Told through their own unique lenses, Vintage reveals how the team cope with unforeseen challenges, vastly varying climates, frost-filled early mornings and 24-hour-days.

« Vintage is a tremendous watch. What you as a viewer get is a really absorbing, informative, at times emotionally charged view of the universal magic of a wine vintage. » Oz Clarke OBE

Watch the Film:


The Filmmaker: Colin West

Nick Picone
Stu Dudley
Ollie Powrie
Jess Marston

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