Wine Documentary

Wine Crush – Vas-y Coupe

This immersive portrait of making wine weaves intimate vérité scenes through the whirlwind labor of the harvest in Champagne.

Runtime : 92 mins
Released : 2020

Wine Crush – Vas-y Coupe Film Synopsis:
A motley crew of laborers makes the yearly trek to a vineyard in France’s Champagne region to pick grapes for a famed winemaker, but as his son begins to take the reins it is unclear if this harvest tradition can endure. A pure vérité portal into two disparate French worlds entwined.
As the winemaker begins to hand over the family business to the next generation, it’s unclear if the harvest tradition can endure. And the process of making the wine itself rests a purely visual experience, pleasurably just out of reach.

Watch the Trailer:

Filmmaker Laura Naylor

Anselme Selosse
Corinne Selosse
Guillaume Selosse
Miguel Delhaye
Samuel Delhaye
Bruno Santiago
Michel Waret
Renelle Waret



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