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Wonder Women of Wine

Wonder women of wine is a cutting edge television series that will reflect the colorful and culturally diverse nature of women winemakers and their stories.

Release: 2022
Episode 1: 50 mins

Wonder women of wine is a new inspiring TV Series which is honoring women winemakers, their wines, and their stories.
Wine is visually provocative, the place where it comes from, and the people that make it: when this is brought to the screen the winemakers, their eccentricities, their influences and motivations can provide an enlightening window into the authentic culture and history of the place they come from. We will be visiting exotic culturally wine regions that have been in the world’s shadows for far too long.

The TV series will also showcasing women within the greater context of regional culture, history, quirky, legend, mythology, unique travel destinations, and food for the soul which brings true stories blending and completing the circle of the vine. This is a real show about wine and winemakers that is entertaining incorporating the country’s finest, visual and enlightening.

This TV series has been in the making since 2010, the time i started my epic journey in discovering women winemakers in the European region eventually expanded to the world. We are very fortunate to have discovered incredible lady winemakers from Asia, Africa to Australia. Exciting empowering stories coming soon to you. —Isabella Savic

Watch Wonder Women of Wine Serbian Pilot Episode

Director: Isabella Savic

Maja Popovic – Manafaktura Spasic Winery
Djurdja Katic – Imperator Organic Boutique Winery
Biljana Pannov – Soul Wine Winery

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