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Juniper Dreams

Filmmaker, Gabriel Yee of 403K Films placed his focus on micro-distilleries in the Calgary area with an even more dialed focus to the trend of gin-making and the culture that surrounds it.

Release: 2019

Juniper Dreams film synopsis:
Juniper Dreams is a documentary film that explores Alberta’s booming gin scene, following three distilleries over the course of 6-8 months as they compete to win a coveted award at the Canadian Artisan Spirit Awards.
From the forests where juniper and other botanicals are sourced to the struggles of making it big within an ever-changing economy, Juniper Dreams will follow the gin-makers – big and small – as they work with local farmers, grow their following and create exceptional gin worthy of a spot on the podium.
Move over Alberta beef – Gin is here, and it’s elevating Alberta’s reputation as a hub for world-class grains and a feisty entrepreneurial spirit when gin is experiencing a global resurgence and reimagining.

Watch the trailer:

Director: Gabriel Yee

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