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Bottle Shock – Film

Bottle Shock is a 2008 American comedy-drama film based on the 1976 wine competition termed the “Judgment of Paris”, when California wine defeated French wine in a blind taste test.

Runtime : 110 mins
Released : 2008

Bottle Shock – Film Synopsis:

Paris-based wine expert Steven Spurrier heads to California in search of cheap wine that he can use for a blind taste test in the French capital. Stumbling upon the Napa Valley, the stuck-up Englishman is shocked to discover a winery turning out top-notch chardonnay. Determined to make a name for himself, he sets about getting the booze back to Paris.

1976. Napa Valley. One small American winery and its workers are about to show the French that the worlds finest wines will now come from the other red, white and blue.

Based on an inspiring true story and starring Alan Rickman (Love, Actually), Bill Pullman (Nobel Son), Chris Pine (Smokin Aces) and Rachael Taylor (Transformers), Bottle Shock is an intelligent, affectionate, beautifully acted movie (The Hollywood Reporter) that pours out the laughs.
For connoisseur Steven Spurrier (Rickman), theres no finer art than French wine, despite rumors that the new California wine country holds the future of the vine. Positive the small Napa wineries are no match for established French vintages, Spurrier challenges the Americans to a blind tasting. But when he finds the valley full of ambitious and talented novice vintners like Jim Barrett (Pullman) and his son Bo (Pine), he realizes his publicity stunt may change the history of wine forever.

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Ask Me Anything About Bottle Shock – By Bo Barret himself:

The Filmmaker: Randall Miller

Chris Pine
Bill Pullman
Alan Rickman
Rachael Taylor
Randall Miller
Freddy Rodriguez
Eliza Dushku
Kirk Baily
Dennis Farina
Bradley Whitford
Louis Giambalvo
Miguel Sandoval
Joe Regalbuto
Mary Pat Gleason
Mark Famiglietti

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