Merlove is a documentary celebrating Merlot wine in response to the movie Sideways. Have your own wine adventure! No single grape varietal is superior or inferior to others.

Runtime : 139 mins
Released : 2008

Film Synopsis:
A documentary celebrating Merlot wine in response to the movie Sideways.

Have the courage to embark on your own wine adventure. Merlove will help you learn more about wine, but it is your own experience that will guide your personal journey. As you try new wines you will gain love and appreciation for the gifts that wine can bring.
Like anything in life, wine can be enjoyed and enhanced by sharing it with others. The bottom line is good wine is good wine and bad wine is bad wine, but that should not stop the adventure.
The message of Merlove is that no single grape varietal should be singled out as superior or inferior to others. Enjoy as we interweave documentary style filmmaking with the animation of a bottle of Merlot wine named “Merlove” who must find a way to fill itself with love when aimlessly tossed into the ocean of mediocre Merlot wine.

We want people to know that Merlot is ready to be loved again by all and remember that every vintage has a new story to tell…

Watch the Trailer:

The Filmmaker: Rudolf N. McClain
Narrated by David Merfeld

Gary Vaynerchuk,
Jean Claude Berrouet & Olivier Berrouet
Michel Rolland
Murielle Andraud
Jean-Luc Thunevin
Alain Vauthier
Ted Baseler
Sam Baxter
Andy Beckstoffer
Kirby Anderson
Bob Betz
Michel Billion
John Bookwalter
Vincent Bourret
Lino Bozzano
Chris Camarda
Pierre Chariol
Marty Clubb
Wayne Cooper
Bryan Delbondio
Andy Denhoed
Margaret Duckhorn
Emmanuel Emonot
Jon Engelskirger
Juan Ferreira
Judd Finkelstein
John Freeman
Patricia Gelles
Michel Gracia
Rudolf N. McClain
Francois Mitjavile
Peter Mondavi Jr.
Rob Newsom
Hamilton Nicholson
Ronald Nicholson
Dan Nickolaus
Chris Phelps
Bernard Portet
Aaron Pott
Michel Puzio
Tom Rinaldi
Mike Sauer
Rick Small
Stu Smith
John Sorensen
Jason South
Larry Stone
Dave Studdert
Frank Terral
Sloan Upton
Kirk Venge

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