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Three Days Of Glory

Three Days of Glory takes you behind the scenes for one of the most legendary celebrations in the world of wine during a year when the humble winemaker-farmers of Burgundy faced the most difficult season on record.

Runtime: 72 mins
Released: 2018

Film Synopsis:
The hills of Burgundy are covered in legendary vineyards, pristinely manicured, tiny parcels rooted in the planet’s most exclusive soils. The wine growers are hardworking, humble vignerons who work in awe of the vines they farm.

But on April 27, 2016, a brutal frost devastated Burgundy. Some of the producers lost 90 percent or more of their crop before the year has even begun. Still, they press on with the stubborn courage forged by grit and generations of humility before the spiritual gift of the terroir, their soil and landscape, that produces the most stunning wines on the planet.

But each November, this reeling wine region will explode with color and decadence as winemakers, chefs, writers, critics, industry legends, foodies and aficionados converge on the sleepy heart of Burgundy wine country for three days of raucous celebration. A series of events like no other, Les Trois Glorieuses brings an eccentric collection of connoisseurs together around mind-blowing meals and an unthinkable range of the greatest wines on the planet.

This film will take the first ever, all-access look at everything that goes into this extraordinary festival. We’ll explore never before filmed events and follow a colorful cast of vignerons throughout the brutal 2016 season as they prepare for the celebration. We’ll learn about the food, wines and personalities that make Burgundy the epicenter of the wine world and the Three Days of Glory the pinnacle of wine celebration.

Watch the Trailer:

The Filmmakers: David Baker and Scott Wright

Véronique Drouhin,
Patrick Essa,
Thiébault Huber
Allen Meadows
Dominique Lafon


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