Agave – Spirit of a Nation 

An expressive documentary capturing the spirit of a nation and the people trying to protect it.

Runtime: 79 mins
Released: 2019

Mexico is home to the highest bio-diversity of agave varietals in the world.  Tequila and Mezcal spirits derived from the heart of the agave are the fastest trending spirits in the marketplace.  This expressive documentary takes viewers beyond the spirit to discover how one plant can carry the weight of a culture and the people trying to protect it.

From the red highlands of Jalisco to the rugged mountains of Oaxaca, families have passed down the tradition of distilling agave for generations. Three producers in the burgeoning renaissance of Tequila and Mezcal unfurl their successes and sacrifices in this interwoven story.

Mixing beautiful cinematography, animations, archival footage and talking-head interviews, Kovacic and Riggieri do a fine job explaining all the terms and facts we need to know to grasp the importance of the subject. Christopher Reed, Hammer to Nail.

Watch the Trailer:

Directed by Nicholas Kovacic & Matthew Riggieri

Produced by Digital Cave in association with Habitant Films



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