Champagne Charlie

The story of Charles Heidsieck (Hugh Grant), who brought champagne to America in the late 1850s.

Hugh Grant stars in this romantic drama about Charles Heidseick, the founder of one of the greatest Chamapgne dynasties of the world. Set in the later half of the 19th century, Champagne Charlie falls passionately in love with gun-running Southern belle Pauline and is pushed into the Dangerous world of espionage as he battles to fulfill his destiny.

Release: 1989
2 Episodes
Running time: 190 mins
Remake from the original Champagne Charlie (1944) directed by Alberto Cavalcanti

Champagne Charlie is a lighthearted comedy starring Hugh Grant as a fishoutofwater who finds himself in a world of high society. The movie follows Charlie, a smalltown Londoner, as he learns the ropes of the elite social circle he has found himself in. Charlie soon finds himself in over his head as he navigates his new world and discovers his true identity.
Hugh Grant is charming and hilarious in the title role, and his performance is enhanced by a great supporting cast. The film is funny, touching, and engaging, making it a great watch for anyone looking for a lighthearted comedy.
The movie is full of fun and witty dialogue, and the production design is topnotch. The costumes and sets are spot on and evoke the era in which the movie is set.
Overall, Champagne Charlie is a delightful and funny movie that is sure to please fans of Hugh Grant and lighthearted comedies. It‘s a film that can be enjoyed by all, and is a great way to spend an evening. 

Directed by Allan Eastman.

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Hugh Grant : Charles Heidsieck
Megan Gallagher : Pauline
Megan Follows : Louise Heidsick
Stéphane Audran : Thérèse
Georges Descrières : Pierre-Henri
Jean-Claude Dauphin : Ernest
Alexandra Stewart : Cécile
Vladek Sheybal : Count Plasky
R. H. Thomson : Robert Morgan
Kenneth Welsh : John Whistlow
August Schellenberg : General Butler
Denis Forest : Paul Lampin
Chas Lawther : David McLeod
Hagan Beggs : Tom McLeod
Vlasta Vrána : Hawkins
Tom Rack : Abraham Lincoln
Béatrice Agenin : Madame de Ghuilain
Pier Paolo Capponi : Consul de Ghuilain


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