Decanted. A Winemaker’s Journey

Decanted – Look inside one of the most intimate winegrowing regions in the world, Napa Valley, as we follow several of the most prominent winemakers on their journey to master their craft.

Runtime: 78 mins
Released: 2016

Film Synopsis:
“What does it take to make it in Napa Valley?” We follow the development of brand new winery, Italics Winegrowers, seen through the eyes of elite Napa Valley winemakers and pacesetters that share a passion for their craft in this small but highly revered wine region. Like a grape vine extending itself far under ground seeking nourishment, the story-telling digs deep to analyze what kind of person decides to jump into this highly competitive and now well – established arena… and – once started on the venture – what it takes to succeed.

Decanted is a film produced by a team that set out to make a contemporary movie that explores the true world of winemaking from the perspective of Italics Winery. The amount of hard work, talent, and luck that goes into the art of winemaking often goes unnoticed, so our goal was to present the world with an accurate depiction of all the hard work that goes into a bottle of wine.

Watch the Trailer:

The Filmmaker: Nicholas Kovacic
My inspiration for the film started with history and legacy. Napa Valley, California is this place where history and legacy are really starting now to intertwine creating some lasting effects on global wine. The film is also inspired by American perseverance even though Napa is very culturally diverse there is wild west feel to wine and that’s something you can only find here in the US. To have the opportunity to tell a little bit of that Napa story from a contemporary perspective; is very special to me.

Decanted is a contemporary history; in the moment of this place and time. The film shows the enduring effects Prohibition has caused the American wine industry. Napa Valley has been lucky and blessed with amazing pioneers to really bring back the art of wine and winegrowing post prohibition, and now Napa is multi-generations into producing amazing wine. Sadly, most of the alcohol industries in the United States post prohibition were culturally homogenized and commoditized for the mass market so communities lost that history and legacy.
Now there’s a cultural shift leading to a greater appreciation to beer, wine, and spirits. I think that shift is driving innovation and ingenuity in the United States.
End of the day its about the passion behind the vintage and believing in it for the future.

Steve Reynolds, Italics Winery
Anthony Bell, Bell Wine Cellars
Julien Fayard, Julien Fayard Wines
Heidi Peterson Barrett, Screaming Eagle
Philippe Melka, Melka Estates
Aaron Pott, Pott Wine
Michael Scholz, St. Supery Vineyards & Winery

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