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Holy Wine

Holy Wine, When the new world blends with ancient traditions, nothing is sacred.

Runtime: 96 mins
Released: 2021
Filming locations: Israel

Holy Wine Film Synopsis:
A revealing introspective feature documentary about Israel wine, the winemakers who make it and the culture they might need to circumvent. The story of Israel wine, rich with ancient history and old traditions, begins in the Eastern Mediterranean, the cradle of wine culture.
Unknown to many, the landscape is diverse, unique and fruitful. Everything grows there and so does fine wine. But in the modern era, an entire industry has become captive to its deep roots and cultural heritage.
As Winemakers struggle to build a new wine culture, they reveal tough challenges and realize there is an inner force among them, which convoluted their craft with unimaginable restrictions, while obstructing the worldwide reach of their critically acclaimed wines.
This is a story about a much needed cultural shift, that might never happen.
When the new world blends with ancient traditions, nothing is sacred.

The Filmmaker: Snow R. Shai
« Shai, had an opportunity, here to shine a light on life in Israel through the prism of wine. Instead, the filmmaker (making his feature-length film directorial debut) presents his often incorrect and simplistic impressions regarding Israeli winemaking and foments a prejudiced screed against kosher wine. » Jeff Morgan is a winemaker and co-owner of Covenant Winery in Berkeley and Covenant Israel Wines in Tel Aviv and the Galilee.

Watch the Trailer:

Yair Haidu – Wine Expert
Asaf Margalit – Winemaker, Yair Margalit
Roni Saslove – Wine Expert
Eli Ben Zaken (Domaine du Castel),
Eran Pick MW (Tzora Vineyards),
Oded Shoham – Wine Expert
Roni Saslove – Wine Expert
Itay Gleitman – Wine Expert
Guy Eshel (Dalton Winery),
Victor Schoenfeld (Yarden),
Gaby Sadan (Shvo Vineyard),
Assaf Paz (Vitkin Winery),
Tal Pelter, (Pelter Winery)
Golan and Gilad Flam, (Flam Winery)

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