Barolo Boys. The Story of a Revolution

The story of a group of friends, the “rebel boys” who made Barolo become the best wine in the world, filmed in the marvellous scenery of Langhe hills, Italy.

Runtime : 64 mins
Released : 2014
Italian + English subtitle

Film Synopsis:
For the first time on the big screen, Barolo Boys. The Story of a Revolution tells the fascinating story of a group of friends who bring a revolution in the Langhe, and how Barolo exploded as a world phenomenon.
Now one of the most famous red wines in the world, 30 years ago Barolo was unknown even in its own production region, the beautiful Langhe (nominated UNESCO World Heritage Site), in northwestern Italy.
Barolo’s current success is mainly due to the courage and initiative of a group of small-scale wine producers, the so-called Barolo Boys. In the optimistic Eighties, these winemakers upset the quiet world of the Piedmontese countryside and brought about a revolution in Italian wine, igniting a fierce controversy between different generations and different ways of thinking.
After almost 30 years, what is left of that experience?
As one of the film’s characters asks, what revolution has ever been successful?

Barolo Boys. The Story of a Revolution traces the short but intense trajectory of a group of producers who indelibly changed the world of wine.

Watch the Trailer:

The Filmmaker: Paolo Casalis
Author: Tiziano Gaia (Renato Ratti – The innovator of Barolo.)

Elio Altare,
Chiara Boschis,
Marco de Grazia,
Giorgio Rivetti,
Roberto Voerzio

With the special participation of:
Carlo Petrini, founder and president of Slow Food
Oscar Farinetti, president of Eataly
Joe Bastianich, narrator voice

Winner of Most Film Festival 2015, Spain
Winner of DOC Wine Travel Food Prize 2014
Official Selection Vancouver Film Festival 2015
Official Selection WIne Country Film Festival 2014
Official Selection Festival Internacional de Cinema Documental e Transmedia, Rios – Portugal, 2015
Official Selection Piemonte Movie Glocal Film Festival, 2015
Official Selection Overlook Festival, Rome, 2014
Official Selection Kinookus Festival, Croatia, 2014
Official Selection Corto e Fieno Festival, 2014


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