Disrupting Wine – The Life of an Entrepreneur

Documentary about the founder of Vivino, Heini Zachariassen. Vivino has more than 63 million downloads worldwide and has its HQ in San Francisco.

Runtime: 46 mins
Released: 2020

Film Synopsis:
Disrupting Wine tells the fascinating story of entrepreneur Heini Zachariassen as the founder of Vivino — the world’s largest wine app — and his rise to the top of the startup world in Silicon Valley. The documentary covers both the business and his personal journey — such as the cost of moving a family to a new continent.

Born and raised in the majestic Faroe Islands, he knew early on that he wanted to become an entrepreneur. To do that, he had to move to Denmark to get an education. He later began his journey as a serial entrepreneur.

With the growth of Vivino, Heini, as a family man, had to make another life-changing decision regarding his career. If Vivino was to be the biggest wine app in the world, the company needed feet on the ground. Therefore, Heini and his family moved to San Francisco. Vivino is now the world’s biggest wine app with almost 63 million users.

Watch the Trailer: 

Directors: Johan Rimestad, Rógvi Langgaard

Heini Zachariassen,
Theis Søndergaard,
Maibritt Juul Zachariassen

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