Georgia ReWined

A documentary series of 5 short films on the winemaking regions and winemakers of the country of Georgia.

The tiny country of Georgia is quietly leading a renaissance by doing what it has always done for 8,000 years, making wine. Join host Noel Brockett as he leads you through five regions, capturing Georgia’s unparalleled love affair with wine and showcasing how the country is paving a new future.
Come along to discover the Georgian wine landscape, to learn, taste, drink and enjoy Georgian wine with us. Cheers & Gaumarjos!

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Episode 1: GURIA – Dato’s Wine
Guria is one of Georgia’s smallest regions, located near the Black Sea. Join Noel Brockett as he introduces you to Dato Kobidze a pioneering winemaker who is preserving ancient varietals and winemaking techniques.

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Episode 2: RACHA – Kereselidze

Racha is one of Georgia’s remotest regions, located in the Greater Caucasus mountains. In this episode meet Apollon Kereselidze, a winemaker, who against all odds is preserving ancient regional varietals which are perfect for his specific terroir.

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Episode 3: IMERETI – Baia’s Wine

Imereti is the largest western region of Georgia. Join Noel Brockett as he introduces you to three charming and skilled winemakers, two sisters, Baia and Gvantsa and their brother Giorgi Abuladze who are the future of their region, full of life, hope and possibility.

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Episode 4: KARTLI – Tevza

Kartli is the central region of Georgia where the capitol Tbilisi is located.  Goga Tevzadze, an inventive winemaker, is working with local grape growers to preserve ancient regional varietals and forging a new future for his region.

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Episode 5: KAKHETI – Orgo

Kakheti is the Napa Valley of Georgia, a large river valley surrounded by two mountain ranges. In this final episode of the series, you will meet Gogi Dakishvili, an expert and pioneer in qvevri wine making in fully realized region.

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Produced Cineorchestra
Director Sandro Jandieri
Copyright Georgian Wine House 2021

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