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It Starts With Wine

It Starts With Wine! Meet winemakers, chefs and personalities from around the world as they celebrate life, love, culture.

3 episodes
Runtime : approximately 30 mins
Released : 2019
Filming locations: USA, Argentina, Uruguay

Program Synopsis:
Join Wine Enthusiast as we travel the globe and follow the world’s top winemakers, growers, producers and personalities, along with famed chefs and celebrities, on a globe trotting adventure exploring the people, places, cuisines and cultures of the exciting wine world.

Episode 1 : Uruguay: Wine’s Best Kept Secret
Legendary chef Francis Mallmann and celebrated flying winemaker Alberto Antonini introduce us to Uruguay, the third most prominent wine producing country in the western hemisphere, and home of Bodega Garzón, one of the New World’s most exciting wine destinations.


Episode 2: Argentina: High Altitude Wine and Elevated Food
Catena Zapata has been at the forefront of wine culture in Argentina for over a century. The family winery is responsible for the renaissance of the Malbec grape from its origins in France to its new home in Argentina. Malbec came to Argentina in the mid-19th century where it flourished once again and was restored to its previous glory. In this episode, fourth generation vintner Laura Catena and Chef Deborah de Corral take viewers on a journey into the heart and soul of Argentine wine and food culture, opening up about their lives, unique experiences and what drives them to achieve greatness in their fields.

Episode 3:  California: The Organic Way
Travel to Northern California to learn more about biodynamic viticulture with Joseph Brinkley, Vineyard Director at Bonterra Organic Vineyards, and explore the simplicity of elemental food with chef Garrett Sathre.


The Filmmaker: A Wine Enthusiast Media Original Series
“We felt that the best way to convey these stories was in episodic fashion,” says Jay Spaleta, Executive Producer and Wine Enthusiast SVP. “Wine Enthusiast has long been an innovator in wine information, reviews and content, this is the next bold step in that content leadership.” “It Starts With Wine is a docuseries that tells a personal story and shares deep insights in a way that is very approachable, engaging and revealing,” continues Spaleta.

Wine Enthusiast Media will be simultaneously releasing episodes I, II and III for viewers binge-watching pleasure. The series will be available on Amazon Prime Video in North America and Vimeo’s On Demand premium video service globally.


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