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F for Franciacorta. Una terra, un vino: il film

F for Franciacorta is a film with a strong emotional impact which, using the words of wine-growers and images of Franciacorta, pays tribute to a wine and its land.

Runtime : 19 mins
Released : 2016

Franciacorta film synopsis:
The film shows life amidst Franciacorta wine-growing, a laborious process which begins with caring for the land and vines to achieve the excellence of a wine celebrated the world over, a wine symbolic of Made in Italy.

The story is told through the four seasons governing the work cycle in the vineyard during which the phases of production are described. From shots of the enchanting landscapes emerge the faces of the players participating in the spectacle that is Franciacorta and the product’s effervescent notes.
Each contributes with his or her perspective to outline Franciacorta’s profile of excellence: elegant, well-balanced, magical, and sustainable. A symphony fine-tuned to the five senses which emerges through the words, faces and experiences of the people who devote their lives to this wine.

Watch the film:


Director: Massimo Zanichelli


Riccardo Ricci Curbastro
Franco Ziliani
Silvano Brescianini
Maurizio Zanella
Vittorio Moretti
Lucia Barzano
Andrea Arici
Gigi Nembrini
Daniele Gentile

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