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Kampai: For the Love of Sake

The exploration of the traditional, complex, and secretive world of sake, often called Japanese rice wine, though the eyes of three distinctive outsiders who have devoted themselves to sake.


Running time: 95 mins
Release: 2015

Kampai: For the Love of Sake Film Synopsis:
A British sake brewer, an American journalist, and a young president of a century-old sake brewery in Japan join together to explore the mysterious world of sake. The film illustrates how these unique individuals who have been fascinated with this extraordinary beverage of Japanese origin meet the challenges of the current sake industry, investigating the rich, complex, and spectacular world of sake.

Sake, often called “Japanese rice wine,” is an alcoholic beverage brewed from fermented rice and has a wide range of variety. Gaining global popularity over the recent years, sake has a long, deep history in Japanese culture, but outside of Japan, it’s still somewhat ambiguous and inaccessible, which makes it hard to enjoy sake if you’re trying it for the first time.

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Cast (Sake Experts):
Philip Harper, The first non-Japanese Toji (Master Brewer) from Britain
John Gauntner,A world’s leading sake journalist from the USA
Kosuke Kuji, A young Kuramoto (Brewery Owner) of a century-old sake brewery

Director: Mirai Konishi
Mirai Konishi, a journalist and filmmaker, grew up in Japan with big influence by Steven Spielberg films throughout the 1980s. His short films screened at several film festivals in Japan such as Short Shorts Film Festival for BLIND (1999) and Tokyo Fantastic Film Festival for CLOSE TO YOU (2003). In 2012, Konishi was invited to join the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

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