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Singular Vintages – Diane by Jacques Lurton

5 videos’ advertisement to introduce Diane’s wines from France.

Diane is a story of an encounter between winemaker Jacques Lurton and stunning old vines. These plots inspired him to create a range of single varietal wines which elegantly defy conventional codes and traditions.

The focal point of Château Bonnet, Diane, lends her name to a brand which embodies elegance and poetry. Dressed in morning mist, her profile is as enigmatic as it is enchanting. This landmark invites to reflect and time appears to stand still. It has become the inspirational symbol of the André Lurton family
Diane is a range of contemporary wines specifically designed for lovers of unique cuvées. It is a story of love at first sight, of an encounter between Jacques Lurton and dormant vineyards waiting to be brought back to life.

Jacques Lurton has been President of Les Vignobles André Lurton since 2019 and brings his international experience as a flying winemaker to the family group’s wines. His many experiences in more than 20 countries around the world have given him an inspired and creative vision that he passes on to Les Vignobles André Lurton.


Filmmaker: Julien Couson


La Deesse – Diane by Jacques Lurton – Cuvee Semillon, vin blanc, A.O.C. Entre-Deux-Mers


L’ Audacieuse – Diane by Jacques Lurton, Cuvee Cabernet Sauvignon – No sulfite


La Charmeuse – Diane by Jacques Lurton, Rosé wine, A.O.C. Bordeaux


La Sensorielle, Diane by Jacques Lurton, Cuvee Sauvignon blanc, white wine, A.O.C. Entre-deux-Mers


La Singuliere – Diane by Jacques Lurton, Cuvee Muscadelle, white sweet wine, vin de France


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