Terroir to Table – Wine Lovers’ Guide to Food and Wine

The coolest film on the myth of wine-making and a dedication to all wine drinkers and the wine lovers of the world.

Runtime : 80 mins
Released : 2021

Film Synopsis:

From the bare wine fields in winter, through the cellar to the finished bottle, served tableside at high-level restaurants, this film dives into all aspects of wine; the pairing with food, the creation of great wine, the upsides and hard times on a vineyard – together with an enologist, a professor, a food scientist, sommeliers, chefs and wine experts.

The film will uncover different aspects of taste and flavor, physics and chemistry, microbiology and more, to find out what is really going on when great wine is paired with exquisite food. Terroir to Table is as cool and elegant as a lightly chilled Pinot Noir to a rack of lamb or a cold Chablis to oysters.

Terroir to Table is created by the filmmakers of the critically acclaimed MICHELIN STARS – TALES FROM THE KITCHEN – the fascinating voyage and the inside stories at the finest culinary places in the world.

Watch the Trailer:


The Filmmaker: Rasmus Dinesen

Florencia Abella
Pascaline Lepeltier
Yoshihiro Narisawa
Olivier Poussier
Sebastian Russold
Guy Savoy
Nick Solares
Bengt Sundstrøm
Mette Rode Sundstrøm


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