Waking the Sleeping Grape

Is China on the fast-track to become the next wine superpower?
This is the question posed by the provocative wine documentary called “Waking the Sleeping Grape” directed by filmmaker Sebastian Basco.

Runtime : ?? mins
Released : not yet

Film Synopsis:
Wine producers all over the world are in a no holds barred competition for Chinese palates, as multinationals pour money into China’s lucrative wine country. What they did not expect to happen so soon was Chinese entrepreneurs managing to build their own wineries capable of producing world class wines, and Chinese consumers increasingly choosing “Made in China” over “Made in Bordeaux”.

Speaking of her experiences, when asked why Emma chose winemaking since she’s “double handicapped” as a woman and as a Chinese because “it’s not your culture.” The story of Emma and so many passionate Chinese winemakers showed the diverse tapestry of today’s Chinese wine landscape.

By combining candid and personal face-to-face interviews with some of the world’s leading personalities and authorities in wine, and a fly on the wall approach inside the day to day lives of Chinese winemakers, “Waking the Sleeping Grape” takes a true outsider’s view from the inside of China.

Watch the Trailer:


The Filmmaker:  Sebastian Basco

Xu Zheng
Carlo D’Andrea
Emma Gao




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