How Oregon changed the world of wine 

In the 1960s, a new breed of pioneers began arriving in Oregon’s Willamette Valley with a dream of producing fine premium wines. Find out how their risky experiment created a new industry in Oregon and changed the wine world forever.

Runtime : 57 mins
Released : 2012

Film Synopsis:

Many of the early pioneers settled in the northern Willamette Valley. They were engineers, philosophers, teachers and liberal arts graduates with little or no farming experience. But they had a passion for wine and had become convinced that the Willamette Valley was the perfect place to grow premium wine grapes that thrived in the cooler climates of France and Germany. And they were willing to risk everything to follow their dream.

Most were warned early on that the Willamette Valley was too cold and wet for vinifera to flourish. But armed with their own research and the energy and ‘audacity of youth,’ they came and established their vineyards and wineries where none existed.

The early pioneers planted several varieties including Riesling and Chardonnay but focused on Pinot noir, the delicate red grape of Burgundy, France. In post-prohibition America it was a wine most Americans hadn’t heard of and certainly didn’t buy.

Determined to succeed, the winegrowers collaborated early on — openly sharing new ideas information and knowledge with their fellow wine growers. Most say they didn’t come to make a lot of money. They came with a passion to make great wine. And they knew everyone needed to make great wine if their young industry was to survive.

They also knew they had the potential to create a brand new viticultural area in the world and they protected their growing industry fiercely. As one wine pioneer described it: “We were on a crusade for quality.”

Along the way, they learned how to make world-class wine, created a new Oregon industry and changed the world of wine forever. Today Oregon boasts more than 400 wineries and Pinot noir ranks as Oregon’s premier signature wine.

While filming Oregon Wine: Grapes of Place, Oregon Experience talked with many of the early wine pioneers, weaving together interviews with archival film and images to tell a story of perseverance, determination and passion.

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Executive Producer: Nadine Jelsing

David Adelsheim
Dick Erath
Lisa Shara Hall
Charles Humble
Sue Horstmann
Nadene LeCheminant
Diane Lett
Jason Lett
Stephen Cary
Chad Douglas
Whitney Schubert
Harry Peterson-Nedry
Neil Shay
Barney Watson
Karen Zimmerman




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