Wine Documentary

WOW! Women of Wine

Celebrate the women of wine. There are so many, doing so many great jobs, and this industry, like others, is filled with unconscious bias against women.

Release: 2019
Duration: ?? mins

WOW! Women of Wine film synopsis:
There’s been a lot of discussion about women in wine over the past couple of years with wine tastings, lectures, seminars, newspaper articles, female wine lists, and even a restaurant opening featuring only wines made by women.
Laura, one half of Bottled Films, works in the wine trade and felt the urge to represent some of the women working in her industry. So we set out to explore this topic with an open mind, and at the same time celebrate some of our favourite women working in the wine world.
We didn’t film even half of all the people we wanted due to time and budget, but the women we did are all heroes and we are eternally grateful for their participation.

Watch the trailer:

Director: Mike Hopkins and Laura Michelon

Featuring (in alphabetical order):

Deborah Brenner
Sandia Chang
Elisabetta Foradori
Laura Jewell MW
Sybille Kuntz
Axelle Machard De Gramont
Jasper Morris MW
Caroline Parent-Gros
Laure Patry
Margaret Rand
Jancis Robinson MW OBE
Alexandrine Roy
Adrienne Saulnier Blache
Virginie Taupenot
Jane Thompson
Becky & Peter Washerman
Douglas Wregg


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