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Episode 1: I Tre Moschettieri del Percorso MW

In this On The Road Special Edition, Stevie Kim sits down with Andrea Lonardi MW, Gabriele Gorelli MW and Pietro Russo MW, experts in the field of Italian wine who embarked on the difficult and grueling journey to achieve the prestigious title of Master of Wine.

They discuss the physical, mental and practical demands of becoming a Master of Wine, the areas of competence, and the importance of collaboration and teamwork. They also consider the particular challenges of the MW exam compared to other wine qualifications, and the satisfaction of achieving such a prestigious award. Describing their story can be of inspiration not only for other professionals engaged in the study of wine, but also for anyone who has an ambitious goal and is looking for an effective approach to achieve it. What matters in this story is not so much the goal, but how the protagonists chose to approach the journey. These same choices earned the three protagonists the nickname « The Three Musketeers of wine »: let us discover together the meaning of their personal “One for all, all for one. »

Watch the episode 1:

Stevie Kim
Andrea Lonardi MW,
Gabriele Gorelli MW
Pietro Russo MW

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