A Seat at the Table

“Are we deserving of a seat at the table of the world’s finest yet?” Filmmakers David Nash and Simon Mark-Brown pose the question in this vine-saturated visual feast of a documentary highlighting pivotal moments in our winescape, starting with a landmark blind tasting by the most influential wine writers in the UK.

Runtime : 91 mins
Released : 2019

Film Synopsis:
For nearly a century France has reigned supreme over the world of fine wine. What if one country famous for punching above its weight took on the aristocracy, breaking the rules of the Old World and were “beating the French at their own game”.
This is the story of New Zealand’s warp speed assent to the top of the wine world. We ask France’s best winemakers, the world’s greatest critics and most influential merchants one question. Has New Zealand earned a seat at the table?

Travelling from France to the United Kingdom to New Zealand the film covers all the key stories that now link both the new and old world. We hear both sides of each story from grape vines illegally smuggled in gumboots to climate change and the screwcap vs. cork debate.

A Seat at the Table culminates with some of France’s most well-respected winemakers tasting New Zealand wine for the first time. Their responses are astounding to watch.
Watch and answer that one question. Has New Zealand earned a seat at the table?

« If there’s one thing I’d love audiences to come away with, it’s a feeling that they have seen the definitive New Zealand wine story benchmarked against some of the greatest producers in the world. David Nash »

Watch the Trailer:


Independent filmmakers David Nash & Simon Mark-Brown co-produced the film and partnered with LA studio Samuel Goldwyn

Jancis Robinson,
Bob Campbell,
Michael Brajkovich,
Neil Martin,
Stephen Browett,
Daniel Le Brun,
Terry Dunleavy,
James Healey,
David Mason,
Ivan Sutherland,
Peter Cooper,
Kevin Judd
Tony Bish,
Mike Bennie,
Steve Smith,
Paul Pujol,
Damien Yuon,
James & Annie Millton,
Claudia Elze Weersing,
Didier Moretti,
Larry Mckenna,
Andrew Donaldson,
Nigel Greening,
Grant Taylor
Alan Brady

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