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V is for Vino

Vince is a certified sommelier and founder of V is for Vino.

While pursuing a rock ‘n’ roll career as a guitarist and vocalist, he fell in love with wine while working at the bars and upscale restaurants that paid the bills. As he pursued further wine knowledge, he realized there was no place for the “average Joe” to learn about wine casually; and thus, V is for Vino was born. Wine education “info-tainment” for the casual wine drinker. Vince’s passion for wine stems from his desire to pass his knowledge of it on to others. He believes wine education should be accessible-to-all and easy-to-comprehend!

V is for Vino is your window into the wine world! In each episode, your host and certified sommelier Vince, takes you to a different wine region to explore its culture and history, taste the wine and meet the winemakers, and cook delicious food pairings in a local restaurant. Vince breaks down topics in fun and easy to understand ways, helpful to anyone wanting to learn – from your casual wine drinker to more serious wine studying professionals.

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