Wine Hunter 

A wine lover’s journey leaving the rat race, changing careers and following their heart’s desire.

Runtime: ?
Released: 2023

Film Synopsis:

Wine Hunter is a feature length documentary about entrepreneurship, wine importing and finding deeper meaning in life and work.

The film follows the journey of Russ Lorber in his quest for happiness and illustrates the importance of listening to one’s heart and following one’s dreams, despite the fear of failure.

40 million people quit their jobs since the beginning of the pandemic in the US in the search for something that fits their lifestyle better. This is where this film comes into the picture, dealing with a topic that seriously matters to society: not just a work life balance but also the need to be happy and fulfilled in life.

The documentary sheds light on the business of wine importing, something never presented before in public. The audience will also learn about Italian wine and grape varieties.

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The Filmmaker: Chrisa Giorgi

Born and raised in Crete, Greece, and moved to the US to continue with her studies in Marketing. She holds a degree in Political Science and a Masters in Political Analysis from the University of Crete. She is a WSET Diploma Candidate, and a documentary filmmaker, and has extensive knowledge of the wine industry, and is an experienced multimedia storyteller. Chrisa combines her experience as a journalist and a former Political Strategy Advisor to create her films. Her latest film, “In the Wine Dark Sea”, screened at festivals around the globe and has won multiple awards. Chrisa is keen on exploring human relationships with our environment and uses filmmaking to share those stories. She is particularly interested in how filmmaking can be used as a creative medium to explore the extraordinary and complex world of wine, and how it can help people care and learn more about what’s in their glass.

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